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D’Var Torah

From Wikipedia: A d’var Torah (plural: divrei Torah), also known as a drasha or drash in Ashkenazic communities, is a talk on topics relating to a parashah (section) of the Torah – typically the weekly Torah portion. In respect to its place in synagogues, rabbis will often give their d’var Torah after the Torah reading. Divrei Torah can range in length, depending on the rabbi and the depth of the talk. In most congregations, it will not last much longer than fifteen minutes, but in the case of rebbes or special occasions, a d’var Torah can last all afternoon. A typical d’var Torah imparts a life lesson, backed up by passages from certain Jewish texts like the Talmud or Mishnah.

Divrei Torah by our congregants:

Click this link for the full playlist, or just start watch by clicking the video below: