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The David Weiss Daily Minyan


Our daily minyanim are a vital part of our synagogue life. There is no experience quite like a weekday prayer service. Our synagogue welcomes those saying kaddish, those with a yahrzeit and anyone desiring a spiritual wake-up. Our minyan is egalitarian and open to the entire Jewish community.

We meet Monday through Friday mornings, evenings each weekday and Sundays in the Rabbi Abraham M. Moseson Chapel. The Torah is read on Monday and Thursday mornings and Shabbat afternoons (Mincha) following Kiddush. We encourage all synagogue families to participate in our minyanim.  

Please join us Monday and Thursday mornings at 6:30 am; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:30 am; and weekday evenings at 8:00 pm to daven with us in communal egalitarian worship. 

On Sundays and federal holidays, our morning minyan meets at 8:30 am and our evening minyan meets at 8:00 pm.